The success of any corporation or governing body
depends on a leader’s ability to bring vision, drive and
collaboration to the issues and challenges of its time.

Former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland brings to his inspirational speeches the insight and candor of a political leader who has seen great success and has learned exceptional lessons from the challenges faced at the end of his public service career.

At age 37, Rowland was the nation’s youngest governor and was called by the Wall Street Journal “one of our nation’s rising stars.”

His exceptional public service career resulted in a renaissance throughout the cities of Connecticut. Governor Rowland’s vision made technology, education and quality of life issues the driving forces to meet the challenges of the new millennium.

John Rowland’s insight into the challenges of true leadership can inspire and motivate those who attend your leadership forums, corporate meetings, and educational roundtables.

“John Rowland’s speech at the 2006 World Scholar-Athlete Games was well prepared and expertly delivered.  His strong message about the trappings of power was very well received by the participants.  Based on considerable feedback, it is clear that John’s speech had a profound effect on this group of young leaders.”
Dan Doyle,Executive Director-Institute for International Sport

My thought on experience...
“Experience is not what happens to you, it is what you do with it that counts. No one learns from success, you really only learn from your mistakes and failures.”
John G.Rowland

To discuss potential speaking engagements, contact former Governor John G. Rowland at 203-758-1117 or e-mail his office jgrowland@sbcglobal.net

Available for:

  • Corporate Off-Site Training
  • Employee Training Seminars
  • Management Team Building

Themes for consideration:

  • Overcoming adversity and surviving
  • The Rise to Power, the Arrogance of Power, and the “Real” Power.
  • Developing Leadership skills.
  • You’ve Achieved Success, Now What About Substance?
  • The Role of Faith in the Workplace.

For Colleges and Universities:

  • The Ethics Dilemma in Corporate America
  • An Inside Look at the Workings of Washington
  • Choosing to Serve the People: A Career in Public Service


John G. Rowland 2009